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  • The HbA1c is linearly related to the average blood sugar over the past 1-3 months (but is heavily weighted to the past 2-4 weeks).
  • Mean Plasma Glucose (mg/dl) = (HbA1c X 35.6) - 77.3
    (Rohlfing CL and coworkers. Diabetes Care 25:275-278, 2002)
  • Mean Plasma Blood Glucose(mmol/L) = (HbA1c * 1.98) - 4.29
  • Mean whole blood glucose = (HbA1c * 30) - 60
  • The HbA1c is strongly associated with the risk of development and progression of microvascular and nerve complications
  • Since these complications occur slowly over time, the younger you are when you get diabetes (or the longer your life expectancy), the higher the risk of end-stage complications
  • High HbA1c (>9.0-9.5%) is associated with very rapid progression of microvascular complications
Last Updated: February 13, 2009
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